About the Artist

If your visiting my site one you either know me ..... " Its good to have friends" ..... or two your looking for something amazing and unique and having a hard time finding it. Well either way you've come to the right place.

As a blacksmith I have created many unique pieces from the imaginations of some really incredible clients as well as my own abstract mind. From basic bottle openers to giganitic sculputural feats. All of which you will see here today. I truely enjoy what I do and I believe it reflects in my work. If you are indeed one of those here looking for something special please contact me and we can create it together.

      Now a little about me, Clark Martinek, the artisan blacksmith...I am a midwest boy born and raised so like most men here I became a welder at a young age. Loved it! Found myself soon employed right out of highschool, but it wasn't enough. I went on many adventures using my fabrication and welding skills to guide my way state to state, but it wasn't until I met a blacksmith did I know my path of metal was going to get a little bumpy. Here it was right in front of me an aspect of iron that would change my life forever. I did everything in my power to learn the trade and to this day still continue to learn everything I can possibly absorb about it.

I currently run my own studio (aka blacksmith shop) creating items for private clients, galleries, and a little etsy store I run with my wife called Tough & Twisted.

Any of you who would like to purchase an item can do so one of three ways:

 1. Visit the Store tab right here on this website

 2.  email me for a private commission at clarktheblacksmith@hotmail.com

 3.  visit our etsy store at www.toughandtwisted.etsy.com


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                  So with my artistic mind and hammer in hand I bid you a'do .......