Fire and Ink Art Show first Friday Downtown Sioux Falls South Dakota

April 3rd 6-8pm During Resturant Week and First Fridays. Downtown Souix Falls South Dakota see some amazing artists at the Fire and Ink Gallery Display. Clark Martinek, Travis Hinton, Chad Nelson, and guest artist Lance Jeschke. Hope to see you all there!


Artist and Museum help properly display canoe

Daily Republic News story - The birch wood canoe at the Dakota Discovery Museum was currently being displayed on the floor. This was actually over time causing damage to the canoe. With a team effort between Clark and the museum director Lori they came up with a plan.... hanging it. Clark came up with three handforged extended hooks to " sling" the canoe from straps of leather Lori created. It is now safe and snug in its new home above the castings of Lewis and Clark at the museum. And with this style display the item is sure to last longer for future generations to enjoy.

Blacksmithing At Hansen Wheel and Wagon

Clark is now the full time blacksmith at Hansen Wheel and Wagon. This is a great opportunity and a great company to work for. He will continue to create new and exciting things as an artist Blacksmith in his own shop as well as continue to take on any projects his clients may need. Though this is a giant task to run your own shop and work as a full time smith , any blacksmith would be proud to say they are employed doing what they love to do and thats stand next to a fire and hit hot iron.


Dakota Discovery Museum

Our Family has been working with the Dakota Discovery Museum in hopes of bringing traditional blacksmithing back to the community. And are proud to attend the Dakota Discovery Museum volunteer recognition dinner on sunday. If you know of any one that would like to volunteer at the Museum please contact us we'll hook you up with them.


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